11x14 1.5 MIL Biohazard Waste Bags

* Price Per Roll:  $27.11 
*Price for 1-5
1.5 MIL Biohazard Waste Bags (11x14) | Infectious Waste Bags

Biohazard bags are absolutely necessary when transporting or disposing of any type of hazardous waste material. These advanced quality bags are designed to provide protection with hazardous marking symbols on each bag and red coloration to signify danger. These large 11x14 bags are packaged in rolls of 500 and provide significant infectious waste protection. Warnings available in English and Spanish.

Other biohazard waste bag options:

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  • Width: 11 IN
  • Length: 14 IN
  • Gauge (Thickness): 1.5 MIL
  • Package Type: Roll
  • Units per Package: 500
  • Printed: Infectious Waste
  • Color: Red