1.5 MIL Flat Polypropylene Bags (4x6)

* Price Per Case:  $11.16 
*Price for 1-5
1.5 MIL Flat Polypropylene Bags (4x6) | Flat Poly Bags

Standard size flat poly bags are perfectly suited for enclosing standard size greeting cards, product samples and more. These flat bags are clear, which makes it easy to view its contents. Each case contains 1,000 flat poly bag units. 

Additional flat poly bag sizes available:

Contact Four Star Plastics for 4x6 flat poly bags, or request a quote for an in-depth price analysis today. 

  • Width: 4 IN
  • Length: 6 IN
  • Gauge (Thickness): 1.5 MIL
  • Package Type: Case
  • Units per Package: 1000
  • Color: Clear