3x5 White Block Reclosable Bags, Zipper Bag

* Price Per Case:  $18.75 
*Price for 1-5
3x5 White Block Reclosable Bags, Zipper Bag

White block reclosable poly bags are perfect for sealing in the items that are enclosed within the bag. These clear poly zipper bags are capable of securely storing, displaying, protecting, and shipping all types of products. Our reclosable poly bags are easily sealed with a simple zip of the attached upper zip-top sealer and feature a white block strip that can be ink labeled. These clear zipper bags are sold in cases of 1,000 units and have a length capacity of 5 inches.

Additional white block reclosable poly bag options:

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White Block Reclosable Bags Specifications

  • Width: 3 IN
  • Length: 5 IN
  • Gauge (Thickness): 4 MIL
  • Package Type: Case
  • Units per Package: 1000