Heating Elements

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Four Star Plastics offers Heating Elements for all your heat sealer replacement part needs. Our high quality heating elements are made to stay and remain on end connectors.

Heating elements usually come in a flat or round shape. When it comes to heat sealing polyethylene bags, the heating elements typically used are flat wires. Round wires are typically meant to be used to cut and seal on shrink bags. For example, double impulse sealers have two heating elements that are located on top and bottom for quick heat penetration. Because of this, the flat elements are ideal for sealing polyethylene gusseted bags or thicker materials.

Round wires are usually used for shrink film, shrink bags, and poly tubing because it is used for cut and seal applications. Our heating replacement parts use the finest quality Teflon® tape and heating elements. Our element wires have no “hot spots”.

We have many types of sealers and heating elements available. If you need help determining which sealer or element to buy, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service representatives. Please contact us today to get your heating elements as soon as possible!

  •  Comes in a flat shape for polyethylene materials
  •  Round shape is used for shrink bags
  •  No “hot spots” means no premature breakage
  •  Available in variety of different sizes
  •  Meant to be used on impulse heat sealers

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