Bubble Bags

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Four Star Plastics offers Bubble Bags for all your packaging needs to protect fragile items. Our multipurpose bags will give you the cushion you need to protect your products. We have bubble bags with Lip and Tape, Pink Anti-Static Bubble Bags, and Reclosable Bubble Bags. All of our bubble bags are made with heavy duty 3/16” bubbles and will keep your items safe and sound between two layers of polyethylene.

Our bubble bags with lip and tape are self-seal bubble bags that are commonly used for shipping and storing especially for sensitive pieces like computer parts and ornaments.  Our pink anti-static bubble bags with lip and tape eliminates the danger of static electricity when storing and shipping electronic components. They will also protect your goods from external damage and are non-abrasive, meaning they won’t scratch sensitive items and surfaces. Our reclosable bubble bags have a smooth outer wall and have 3/16” bubbles on the inside of the bag. These bubbles will protect your fragile items and the tape closure on the bag will keep your products safe from outside elements. These bubble bags are made from 100% virgin Low Density Polyethylene resin and can be reused. A couple of examples you can put into these bubble bags include picture frames, electronics, hardware parts, and much more.

We have many stock sizes of bubble bags available. If you have any questions about our bubble bags, please contact our excellent customer service representatives to get your answers as soon as possible. This product is only available for our Maryland, Metro DC, and Northern Virginia customers.

  • Protects sensitive and fragile items
  •  Thick polyethylene layers to protect contents
  •  3/16” bubbles inside and smooth outer wall
  •  Clear lip and tape and pink anti-static bubble bags available
  •  Keep contents safe from dirt and moisture
  •  Pink anti-static bubble bags eliminates the hazard of static electricity

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