Bubble Mailers

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Four Star Plastics offers Bubble Mailers to protect your items with protective cushioning. Our durable bubble mailers are lined with 3/16” bubble cushioning on the inside so you can ship fragile and sensitive items to help keep them safe and protected.

These bubble mailers have a lip and tape closure where all you have to do is simply remove the strip and press down the flap to close. These small, flat bubble mailers can easily store into small areas, meaning they will not use up that much storage space. You can be assured that your contents inside will be safe because the bubble lining of the mailers absorb shocks and bumps during transport. Our bubble mailers will help your products reach their destination safe and undamaged. Some examples of items you can place into these bubble mailers include books, documents, jewelry, hard drives, CDs, phones, and other flat materials.

These bubble mailers are the perfect option for storing items that are too small to use a box but need the protection of bubbles. Our bubble mailers are the lightest type of cushioned shipping bags and are made with sturdy, kraft paper. Because our bubble mailers feature an easy and simple way to close these mailers, it will save you time when packaging your products. These closures provide a seal on the mailer that adds another barrier of protection during shipment. If you have any questions about our bubble mailers, please contact our excellent customer service representatives to get your answers as soon as possible. This product is only available for our Maryland, Metro DC, and Northern Virginia customers.

  •  3/16” bubble cushioning lined inside
  •  Protects fragile and sensitive items
  •  Lip and tape locking tabs
  •  Absorbs shocks and bumps during transportation
  •  Examples include CDs, jewelry, phones, and much more
  •  Quick and easy closure saves you money and time



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