Bubble Wrap

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Four Star Plastics offers Bubble Wrap to protect and cushion your items. Our bubble wrap is perfect for providing a protective layer around your items during transport to help prevent damage. Our bubble wrap is flexible and versatile; therefore it can be used in a variety of ways for a multitude of items from fragile parts, to furniture, and glass.

You can use our bubble wrap to wrap your items securely and our bubbles will help absorb the shocks and abrasions that might happen during transport. Bubble wrap is made from polyethylene for the purpose of packing fragile items. The bubbles in bubble wrap can be made in different sizes and lengths, depending on the job. Although there are many different sizes and lengths of bubble wrap, the sizes that we stock are the 12”, 24”, and 48” widths. Our bubble wrap will give you the protection and cushioning you need to safely send your products.

Each bubble size can fill a variety of needs because we stock small 3/16” and large 1/2” bubble wrap that is exclusively designed for protection. For example, our smaller bubble wrap can help provide a layer of cushioning for your products against vibrations and shocks, but it can also provide protection for the surfaces of your items to help prevent damage such as scratches and dents. Our large bubble is often used for larger and more fragile or breakable items such as glass. If you have any questions about our bubble wrap, please feel free to contact our excellent customer service representatives to get the answers you need. This product is only available for our Maryland, Metro DC, and Northern Virginia customers.

  •  Safeguards and cushions your items
  •  Reduces risk of damage and scratches
  •  Flexible and versatile
  •  Absorbs shocks and bumps during transport
  •  Available in different sizes and lengths
  •  Excellent void-fill

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