24" Clear Poly Tubing

* Price Per Roll:  $165.97 
*Price for 1-5
24\" Clear Poly Tubing

There is a wide range of industries that regularly rely on large poly bags for covering items so they stay in pristine condition until sold. Our 24" clear poly tubing provides an extremely efficient, extra-wide bagging option for your application needs. Our clear poly bag tubing is made from low-density poly and is manufactured with 100% renewable energy.  In addition, our 24" poly tubing bags are sold in 600 ft. rolls and can be heat sealed or closed with a staple or twist tie.

Additional poly bag tubing options:

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Clear Poly Bag Tubing Specifications

  • Width: 24 IN
  • Length: 600 FT
  • Gauge (Thickness): 6 MIL
  • Package Type: Roll
  • Units per Package: 1