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 30x43 Soiled Linen Bags [813043130B]
Printed in both English & Spanish
 31x41 Soiled Linen Bags [81314114MB]
Printed in both English & Spanish
 31x43 Soiled Linen Bags [81314314MB]
Printed in both English & Spanish
 Plastic Merchandise Retail Bags
Four Star Plastics offers plastic retail bags for all your retail packaging needs. Plastic retail bags can be used to package and transport anything your store sells, including food, clothing, groceries, and much more. They even make great take out bags for restaurants! Wholesale Retail Bags for All …
 12x19 Drawstring Ice Bags [371219ICEPDE]
Drawstring ice bags provide a convenient way to transport ice without having to worry about cold hands. The easy-to-use drawstring also allows for simple open and closing of the bag, which helps to keep the ice in the bag when stored in the freezer. Additional drawstring ice bag sizes and options: 11.5x18 …
 Printed Ice Bags
Four Star Plastics offers wholesale printed ice bags for all your freezer application needs. Our printed ice bags feature tubular construction with a sturdy bottom seal for maximum strength and manufactured using a production process that yields ideal ice bag characteristics.Wholesale Plastic Printed …
 Unprinted Ice Bags
Four Star Plastics offers unprinted ice bags for all freezer applications. Our ice bags are manufactured in a tubular configuration with robust bottom seals for maximum strength.Wholesale Clear Unprinted Ice BagsFour Star Plastics’ unprinted ice bags include metallocene, a compound composed of …
 11x14 1.5 MIL Biohazard Waste Bags [811114150]
Biohazard bags are absolutely necessary when transporting or disposing of any type of hazardous waste material. These advanced quality bags are designed to provide protection with hazardous marking symbols on each bag and red coloration to signify danger. These large 11x14 bags are packaged in rolls …
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