Wholesale Industrial Packaging, Bubble Wrap, Mailers & Accessories for Local MD, DC & VA Customers

Four Star Plastics offers a variety of packaging products that are available for local customers in Baltimore, Metro DC and Northern Virginia areas. The products include Bubble Bags, Bubble Mailers, Bubble Packaging, Mailing Tubes, Padded Mailers, and Styrofoam Peanuts stored at our Beltsville, MD warehouse. Most of these items are not practical to ship outside of this area. If you are interested in any of these items and are located within the defined area, please contact us to arrange purchasing.

Wholesale Industrial Packaging, Bag, Mailer & Accessory Options

If you’re in the Maryland, Metro DC, or Northern Virginia area, Four Star Plastics offers premium padded mailers, bubble wrap, tubes, bags, and other products that cannot be shipped to other areas.
  • Available for purchase at our Beltsville MD location, convenient to Metro DC, Baltimore and Northern Virginia
  • Bubble Bags, Bubble Mailers, Bubble Packing Material
  • Mailing Tubes, Padded Mailers, Styrofoam Peanuts

Bubble Bags

Our bubble bags with lip and tape are self-seal bubble bags that are commonly used for shipping and storing, especially for sensitive pieces like computer parts and ornaments, while protecting your goods from external damage. Our packing and shipping bubble bags are only available to MD, DC, and Northern VA customers.

Bubble Mailers

Four Star Plastics’ bubble kraft mailers are the perfect option for storing items that are too small to use a box but need the protection of bubbles. Our bubble mailers are the lightest cushioned shipping bags with sturdy kraft paper. Bubble mailers are ideal for packaging books, documents, jewelry, hard drives, CDs, phones, and other flat materials. Our packing and shipping kraft bubble mailers are available to MD, DC, and Northern VA customers. Poly bubble mailers are also available.

Bubble Packing Materials

Our bubble packing material is perfect for providing a protective layer around your items during transport to help prevent damage to various items, including fragile parts, furniture, glass, and more. Our wholesale bubble packing materials are available to local MD, DC, and Northern VA customers.

Mailing Tubes

Four Star Plastics’ exclusive mailing tubes are made from recycled materials that can be reused repeatedly. Mailing tubes are perfect for mailing documents, artwork, or special items, keeping your items protected from damage during shipment. Our wholesale mailing tubes are only available to MD, DC, and Northern VA customers.

Padded Mailers

Our all-purpose padded mailers are constructed from heavy-duty Kraft paper with a uniform inner padding that provides excellent cushioning protection. These mailers are rugged, paper fiber mailers with double-folded corners and double-glued bottom flaps to give the bag additional strength to secure items requiring extra protection. Our wholesale padded mailers are only available to MD, DC, and Northern VA customers.

Styrofoam Peanuts

Four Star Plastics offers eco friendly packing Peanuts for loose-fill packaging to help prevent damage to your products during shipment. Packing peanuts are incredibly versatile, filling the void and cushioning products shipped in larger boxes. Our wholesale Styrofoam peanuts are available only to MD, DC, and Northern VA customers.

Order Wholesale Packaging Materials for MD, DC & VA Local Customers

Are you located in Maryland, Washington DC, or Northern Virginia and looking for wholesale prices on premium packaging materials, bubble wrap and mailers? Four Star Plastics has what you need. We provide high-quality packaging materials bubble wrap and mailers at wholesale prices. Order today, request a quote, or contact us for more information.