Cellophane Bags

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Cellophane Bags

Four Star Plastics offers Cellophane bags for packaging food and non-food items alike and keeping your products dust free. Our cellophane bags are manufactured using paper pulp, making these bags eco-friendly. These are also different from our Polypropylene Bags because polypro bags are a plastics product derived from a crude oil, whereas cellophane bags are derived from wood pulp. Cellophane bags are a little more expensive, but they will extend the freshness and shelf life of your food products such as baked goods or candy.

Our bags are thin, flexible, and easy to fill which makes it easier for you to easily store away. Use these bags to wrap edible treats, crafts, jewelry, and more. Our cellophane bags provide excellent clarity and enhance the appearance of your products, easily seeing the content of whatever goes inside the bag. The barrier film will preserve aromas, keep food fresh, and preserve the smell of scented products. These bags are not recommended for use in extreme temperatures, but are fully recyclable because they are made from the same materials as paper. You can seal these bags with our cellophane heat sealer or with twist ties. Our cellophane heat sealer is lightweight and easy to use because it can be mounted anywhere. It will produce a neat, clean 1/16” seal that can seal up to 6” length.

If you have any questions about our cellophane bags, please contact our excellent customer service specialists to get the answers you need. We have many different stock sizes of cellophane bags so please contact us about your cellophane needs today! If none of our stock sizes meet your needs, please see our other high clarity barrier film- Polypropylene Bags.

Features of Wholesale Cellophane Bags

  •  Meets FDA and USDA requirements
  •  100% compostable and recyclable
  •  Excellent clarity enhances appearance of your products
  •  Made from cellulose materials derived from a fully sustainable forest
  •  Ideal to wrap gifts, edible treats, crafts, and more
  •  Can be heat sealed or tied with twist ties

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