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Four Star Plastics offers wholesale shrink bags for all your packaging and protection applications. We stock both poly shrink bags on rolls to cover pallets of materials or large equipment and PVC shrink bags to secure all your small to medium size products.

Poly Shrink Bags on Rolls & PVC Shrink Film Bags in Sizes to Meet Your Needs

Our pallet-size polyethylene bags are designed to provide a tight fitting protective cover after heat is applied. These poly shrink bags on rolls contain 25 per package, with perforations for easy removal. They come in five stock sizes for common pallet load applications.

Our PVC shrink film bags are known for their flat surface, highly reflective appearance, and high clarity. They are very versatile and perform well in low, medium, or high heat applications. PVC shrink film requires very low temperature to shrink and has the ability to resist ambient heat in transit and storage.

We stock a variety of different sizes of PVC shrink film bags. Many customers prefer PVC shrink film because it improves the shelf life of their products. Also they are less likely to experience problems with blocking from unintended exposure to heat or sunlight. We also sell shrink bundling film to secure all heavy, irregularly shaped packages.




Wholesale Shrink Bags in Stock and Custom Sizes

We offer wholesale shrink bags in a variety of stock sizes for pallet loading applications. If you have any questions about our shrink bags, please feel free to contact our excellent customer service specialists for the answers you need. If you cannot find a pallet-size shrink bag that meets your needs or you need a custom print on the bag, please contact us today for a quote on custom shrink bags or please click on “Request for Quote”.

Features of Wholesale Shrink Bags:

  •  Provides a tight fitting cover after heat is applied
  •  Bundles your products to secure the contents
  •  Many PVC sizes are available
  •  Pallet-size shrink bags come on perforated rolls of 25 bags
  •  Heat needs to be applied to shrink the bags
  •  Can be used as pallet covers as well

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