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Four Star Plastics offers Polyethylene Discs/Lid Liners to help provide a seal/closure for your specific needs. There are many different sizes of our poly discs/lid liners available to help seal your containers. Our lid or drum liners help separate the drum lid from the substances inside the drum. This allows the handler to know that the contents inside are fresher. This is an economical solution to protecting your drum and pails.

Polyethylene Discs for All Industries

Our liners are manufactured using engineered polyethylene film material to provide consistency and durability. These drum liners are inserts that fit the shape or contour of drums or pails. They are an efficient and cheap way to keep your drum tops clean and will protect your drums and pails against rust and grime. No matter what goes inside the drums, our drum liners will help keep the content inside safer from outside elements. These drum and pail liners are ideal for industrial packaging of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, paints, caulking, and many more items. Our drum liners are seamless, strong, and resistant to stress cracking or breaking. Some examples of places you can use drum liners are industrial, pharmaceutical, food, medical, commercial, industrial, agriculture industries, and much more.


Custom Polyethylene Liners Available

If you have any questions about our polyethylene disc or lid liners, please feel free to contact our excellent customer service specialists to help you get the answers you need. If you cannot find a stock size that meets your needs or you need a custom print on the liner, please contact us today for a quote on Custom Poly Discs/Lid Liner or please click on “Request for Quote”.

Features of Wholesale Polyeythylene Disc/Lid Liners

  •  Protect your drums or pails from contaminates
  •  Works as a blockade between the drum lid and content inside
  •  Made from low density or high density polyethylene material
  •  Resistant to stress cracking or breaking
  •  Made from a seamless, sturdy construction
  •  Inexpensive way to protect against rust and grime

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