Custom Plastic Bags

Useful for nearly every industry, custom plastic bags are versatile, providing storage and transportation of products while also being an ideal marketing outlet. Custom-printed plastic bags featuring your business logo, image, or company name raises brand awareness and leaves a lasting impression.

Four Star Plastics provides LD and LLD wholesale custom poly bags in gauges from 0.75 to 8mil, with sizes up to 150”. Additionally, we offer hundreds of film and print colors, various venting styles, and numerous optional performance additives.

Advantages and Features of Labeled Custom Plastic Bags

Custom plastic bags with logo With advanced technology, custom-printed plastic bags are manufactured to your specifications with additional features and benefits. Elevate business marketing with custom-printed plastic bags featuring your logo, image, or company name. Storage and transportation of products can become a marketing strategy for raising brand awareness and visibility.

Our customizable plastic bags offer more than three times the impact strength and double the tensile strength of standard, low-density polyethylene, and our food-grade custom poly bags meet FDA and USDA standards for food contact. Production processes prioritize renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy for manufacturing many of our custom plastic products. Other unique features of our custom logo-printed bags include the following:
  • Available in thousands of different styles, printed with most any text, logo, or design
  • Premium quality LD, LLD, and HD custom plastic bag options
  • Available in sizes from 4” to 150” and gauges from 0.75 to 8mil.
  • Manufacturing processes for many of our custom plastic products utilize 100% renewable energy
  • Food-grade poly bags meet FDA/USDA standards for food contact

Contact Four Star Plastics for Personalized Wholesale Plastic Bags 

Four Star Plastics can create a custom plastic bag with printed logos and various sizes and color options to fit the needs of your business. Contact us for more information on our customized poly bag options or request a quote to place a custom plastic bag order.

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