Custom Vinyl Bags & Custom Vinyl Pouches

Four Star Plastics offers customized vinyl bags and vinyl pouches in sizes and gauges to meet your needs.

Wholesale Vinyl Bags & Vinyl Pouches for All Applications

Among other uses, our wholesale vinyl bags make a wonderful alternative to traditional gift boxes and baskets, as they provide an ideal mix of function, affordability, and sharp looks. They provide outstanding strength and clarity, are flexible enough for bulky items, and are very lightweight for reduced shipping costs.

Our custom vinyl pouches are perfect for protecting documents and for organizing paperwork, files, etc. Use them to protect passports, invoices, hospital or medical information, business cards, and more. Wholesale vinyl pouches are available open-ended or envelope style, with or without adhesive backing, with or without zip closures, and with or without plastic tags.

Our custom vinyl bags are ideal for storing or displaying blankets, cosmetics, and accessories. We can make custom vinyl bags with various handles and zippers, depending on your application.

Our custom vinyl pouches and bags can be customized to your specifications. Custom sizes and custom gauges are available, as well as custom printing and other useful features.

Contact Four Star Plastics to discuss your custom requirements, or request a quote on custom vinyl bags or vinyl pouches for your application.

If you’re looking for vinyl bags in standard sizes or styles, view our inventory to see if we have the bags you need.

Features of Our Custom Vinyl Bags & Vinyl Pouches

  • Available in custom sizes, gauges, etc.
  • Available with or without custom printing
  • Numerous customizable features available
  • High strength & flexibility to accommodate bulky items
  • Excellent clarity allows customers to examine contents without opening bag/pouch
  • Reusable
  • Available in open ended, envelope, or zip-top styles

Request a quote or contact Four Star Plastics for the custom vinyl bags or vinyl pouches you need.