Custom Poly Thick-Thin Bags

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Four Star Plastics offers Thic-Thin Bags for all your retail packaging needs. Thic-thin bags have a handle that is thicker than the body of the bag. When the handle is made from thicker material, the bag is stronger. The thic-thin bag is more economical because it is made with less plastic overall.

The stronger handle helps the user to comfortably carry the bag. These bags are an excellent option for those people looking to get an inexpensive bag that is still strong and durable. Our thic-thin bags are available in either a straight top function or wavy top function. Wavy top bags have a curvy top edge and straight top bags are just straight. These bags are available in different thicknesses and different colors. Our thic-thin bags have a round die-cut handle and are an effective option to the traditional die cut bags or patch handle bags.

These bags are reusable, attractive, inexpensive, and durable. Because our thic-thin bags are so flexible, they can be tailored to meet your standards. If you have any questions about our thic-thin bags, please feel free to contact our excellent customer service specialists to help get the answers you need. If none of our stock sizes meet your needs or you need a custom print on the bag, please contact us today for a quote on Custom Poly Retail Merchandise and Shopping Bags or please click on “Request for Quote”.


  •  Thicker handle and lighter body gauge
  •  Helps user to comfortably carry the bag
  •  Available in straight top or wavey top function
  •  Different thicknesses and colors available
  •  Reusable, eye-catching, inexpensive, and strong
  •  Flexible material

Custom Bags with Logo, Branding, or Messaging for Any Industry

At Four Star Plastics, we can create custom bags with logo or other branded messaging for nearly any type of industry. With thousands of different styles of plastic bags, tubing and sheeting, and over 14 stock film colors, we can print custom plastic bags with logo, design, or any messaging to suit your industry or brand needs. We can use any combination of the thousands of Pantone colors to print your logo on your custom bags. With 16 warehouses located across the US, and over 35 years in the business, you can count on the speed, quality and experience of Four Star Plastics for all your custom plastic bag orders.

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