Wholesale Plastic Umbrella Bags

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Four Star Plastics offers Umbrella Bags to help prevent dangerous and costly slip-and-fall accidents. Our high density umbrella bags are a proven, convenient and economical way to help keep water off the floor during rainy weather. Users simply tear off one of the plastic bags from the umbrella stand and slip their wet umbrella inside.

Umbrella Bags for Safety

All of the water from the umbrella will be held by the umbrella bag to prevent any entrances of buildings, retail shops, or facilities from becoming slippery and wet. Our umbrella bags are made from strong and cost-effective high density polyethylene and are available in two sizes to fit a variety of different sized umbrellas. The bags are placed on a convenient header pack that provides easy dispensing for the user and makes it easy to replenish the bags on the stand. The umbrella bags are printed with a simple sign that says “Wet Umbrella Bag”. Because the bags are perforated, it makes it easy to simply tear of the umbrella bag. Some examples of places you can use umbrella bags are retail stores, lobbies of buildings, hotels, and many more.


Bulk Umbrella Bags in Two Sizes and Bulk Quantities

These umbrella bags feature a bold graphic design and the header pack holds 100 bags. Our two stock sizes of umbrella bags are designed to fit most different styles and sizes of umbrellas. They also come case packed in cases of 1,000 bags for your convenience. If you have any questions about our umbrella bags, please contact our excellent customer service representatives to help get the answers you need. Please contact us today to get your umbrella bags as soon as possible or please click on “Request for Quote”.

Features of Wholesale Umbrella Bags

  •  Helps keep floors dry on rainy days
  •  Reduces the potential of slips and falls
  •  Header pack has five holes to accommodate for any stands
  •  Graphic design that says “Wet Umbrella Bag”
  •  Diminish the need for mop-ups
  •  Perforated for easy tear off

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