Custom Poly Tubing

Poly bag tubing is a continuous roll of polyethylene material that is open on both ends. The material can be cut to varying lengths to accommodate different products. Poly bag tubing is ideal for packaging objects of varying lengths, as well as long or oddly shaped objects that do not conform to a traditional bag.

Four Star Plastics is your best source of wholesale custom plastic products, including plastic bagspoly film and sheetingpoly tubingretail and merchandise bags as well as food bags and film.  We also offer custom poly bag tubing, a flexible packaging solution for a variety of applications.

Custom poly bag tubing provides a simple way to help shield your products from outside elements such as dirt and water. Our custom poly bag tubing can fit long and oddly shaped products while helping to protect them from dust, dirt, or damage.

Four Star Plastics can make custom poly bag tubing in custom colors, with custom printing and optional performance additives, and additional custom features as needed.

If you are looking to get a custom gauge, custom print, custom size, performance additive, or any other custom feature on our tubing, please contact us today to get a custom poly bag tubing quote.

Custom Polyethylene Bag Tubing Features

  • Custom poly bag tubing printed or unprinted
  • Poly bag tubing is an efficient way to package long or oddly shaped items
  • Custom made for a variety of applications such as packaging sensitive electronics, medical supplies, food products, and much more
If you have any questions about our custom poly bag tubing, please contact our customer service specialists to get the answers you need.

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