Custom Food Bags & Food Packaging

Custom food-safe bags serve dual purposes for a company. They hold food products, that help keep them fresh and protect them from the outside environment, and they also serve as advertising for your brand. For restaurants, produce stands, grocery stores, and more, custom printed food bags can allow you to communicate your company’s story and increase brand awareness.

Four Star Plastics offers FDA/USDA approved food bags in a variety of styles, sizes, and gauges (thicknesses), and with custom features that meet the needs of bakeries, grocery stores, commercial kitchens, produce stands, and more. Whether you’re vacuum packing poultry or looking to keep produce fresh, we have custom solutions you need.

We can provide food safe bags with a variety of special functions and features, such as venting, wickets, and custom closures, as well as performance additives such as metallocene, which keeps freezer bags pliable, and clarity enhancers for crystal clear visibility.
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Custom Food-Safe Bags for All Applications

Depending on your application, you might need food packaging that reduces waste, seals in moisture, closes securely, or keeps air out. Four Star Plastics can help you determine what features you need in your custom food bags, ensuring you have the most effective solution for your unique purpose.

Custom Printed Food Packaging Solutions

Custom printed food bags can help your products stand out from the crowd and increase brand awareness. A consistent, custom packaging design across all product lines can bring your assortment of baked goods or other foods to life. We can print food bags and plastic packaging film with most any design, text, or logo you need. We offer a vast selection of film colors and print color options.

FDA & USDA Approved Food Safe Bags

Four Star Plastics offers a large selection of FDA and USDA approved food bags and food packaging materials safe for food contact, including:

Features of APC Custom Food Bags and Plastic Packaging Film

  • Custom printed food bags are available with most any lettering, logos, or other designs you need
  • Multiple sizes, styles, custom features, and performance additives available
  • Poly bags and plastic packaging film for food processing, production, handling, and more
  • Food safe bags and packaging manufactured from FDA- and USDA-approved materials

Standard Wholesale Poly Food Bags and Wholesale Food Packaging

If you need standard wholesale poly food bags, visit our standard wholesale pages to view stock sizes available.

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