Wholesale Black Conductive Static Control Tubing

  • Wholesale Black Conductive Static Control Tubing

Four Star Plastics offers wholesale black conductive tubing that is made of heavy duty carbon infused low density polyethylene film (LDPE). Our black conductive tubing actively avoids accumulation of electric charge and protect its content from humidity, abrasion, and ultraviolet light


Durable, High Quality Static Control Black Conductive Poly Tubing

Our wholesale black conductive tubing guards against dangerous buildup of isolated static charges. It is made of volume conductive material, meaning that it is made from a single layer of carbon load polyethylene. Our black conductive tubing meets the requirements of MIL-P-82646 Rev B and is available in a couple of different sizes. The tubing is wound on a 3” core with 1” die core plug. The tubing has a Faraday Cage effect with good corrosion resistance and is only available in 4 mil.

Just like our conductive lay-flat bags, our wholesale black conductive tubing can also be heat sealed, tied, or taped. Our black conductive poly tubing has essentially an unlimited shelf life and will not contaminate products that it comes in contact with. The tubing has a volume resistivity of less than 300 ohms/cm and a surface resistivity of less than 1000 ohms/sand. Its flexibility allows it to be unaffected by age and humidity and works well for varied length items.

We have 7 stock sizes of wholesale black conductive tubing available for you to buy today. Choose our black conductive tubing if you want to cut to your desired length. If you don’t see a stock size that fits your needs, please request a quote on custom black conductive bags or contact us with your custom requirements.

Features of Black Conductive Static Control Tubing:

  • Contents inside the bag are safe from abrasion, humidity, and electrostatic charge
  • Meets the requirements for MIL-P-82646, Rev. B
  • Made from black carbon low density polyethylene film in 4 Mil
  • Protects contents from ultraviolet light
  • Black conductive tubing is unaffected by age and humidity
  • Can be closed by heat sealers, bag ties, and twist ties

Request a quote on wholesale black conductive tubing, or contact Four Star Plastics for more information.

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