Clear Poly Bag Tubing

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Clear Poly Bag Tubing

Clear plastic bag tubing is excellent for creating protective packaging for items of varying lengths because the tubing can be cut to the lengths required and sealed on one or both ends. It is the easiest and most economical way to package items of the same width but various lengths.

Four Star Plastics sells poly bag tubing wholesale for all your packaging and shipping material needs. Our clear poly bag tubing is manufactured and wound flat on 3” cores.

Versatile, Durable Poly Bag Tubing Roll

Clear poly bag tubing is perfect for packaging long and oddly shaped items and, because it comes on a roll, it is easy to insert your products quickly and precisely. You can close either end of the bag by heat sealing, taping, or stapling. Our clear poly bag tubing is an inexpensive way to package products of various lengths—just cut to the required length for your product.

Our strong poly tubing roll is made from low-density polyethylene and is manufactured with 100% renewable energy. This means that our tubing is engineered to provide over three times the impact and twice the tensile strength of regular low-density polyethylene tubing.

Clear poly bag tubing provides a layer of protection for your products and comes in a clear film so you can see what is in the bag. We have over 120 stock sizes of poly tubing available in 1.5 mil, 2 mil, 3 mil, 4 mil, and 6 mil.


Features of Plastic Bag Tubing

  • Made from 100% virgin low-density polyethylene
  • Flat, clear poly bag tubing wound on 3” core
  • Easy and economical way to package items
  • Good for packaging items with the same width, but various lengths
  • Can be heat sealed, taped, or stapled
  • 120 stock sizes available in different thicknesses.

If you cannot find a stock size that meets your needs or you need a custom print on the tubing, please contact us today for a quote on Custom Poly Tubing, or please click on “Request for Quote.”

Applications for Poly Bag Tubing Roll

Because plastic bag tubing is such a versatile material, it can be used as packaging for almost any industry. As a waterproof, tear-resistant material, poly bag tubing is perfect for transportation applications that require a more protective material. The tubing can also be sealed to prevent any dust or debris from entering the bag, making it great for food applications. 

Clear poly bag tubing is found frequently in:

  • Food & beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Laboratories
  • Factories & industrial sites

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Four Star Plastics is a leading manufacturer of clear poly bag tubing, providing the quality and toughness you need for all of your food and non-food applications. Our wholesale poly bag tubing rolls are perfect for high volume production.

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