Wholesale Pallet Top Covers

  • Wholesale Pallet Top Covers

Four Star Plastics offers Pallet Top Covers – Poly Sheets on Rolls for all your pallet protection needs. Our pallet top covers are perfect for covering your materials on the pallet. By using pallet top covers, it will save you money by providing excellent protection from dust and moisture by keeping warehouse dust off of your products.

Poly Sheets on Rolls for Protective Pallet Covers

To protect your products, pallet top covers are a low-cost insurance policy against the elements and can be used in countless ways. They can provide added protection for shrink wrapped pallets, help protect contents from water and dust, and can help to ensure the integrity of the pallet content. It can also be used as a poly drop cloth for construction applications as well as maintenance crews.

Our wholesale pallet top covers are ideal for covering pallets, furniture, work stations, and much more. These pallet top covers are manufactured with 100% renewable energy. This means that our items are engineered to provide twice the tensile strength and three times the impact strength of traditional low density polyethylene products.


Plastic Pallet Sheets in Standard and Custom Sizes

We have different sizes available in 1 mil, 1.25 mil, 1.5 mil, and 2 mil. We can also produce plastic pallet sheets on rolls up to 150” wide (width + depth) in gauges of 0.75 – 8 mil. Choose from our stock sizes to get you the pallet top cover you need today! If you cannot find a stock size that meets your needs or you need a custom print on the poly sheets, please contact us today for a quote on a Custom Pallet Top Cover or please click on “Request for Quote”.

  •  Protect items from dust and dirt
  •  Help ensure that pallet contents arrive intact
  •  Ideal for covering pallets, work stations, and more
  •  Available in common sizes and thicknesses
  •  Manufactured with 100% renewable energy
  •  Ensures the integrity of your pallet contents

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