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Four Star Plastics offers Stand-Up pouches that include the most common sizes and styles used for packaging food. All of these Stand-Up pouches have a K-Style configuration, ¼” hang hole, tear notch at 1”, and zip top closure at 1.5”. The dimensions are O.D. (outside dimensions) which means they include the area above the zipper. They are side sealed, bottom gusseted, and are FDA and USDA approved. 

Constructed from multiple layers of either poly, nylon, polyester, metallized, or foil films, Stand-Up Pouches provide a barrier for the contents inside the pouch (i.e., keeping food inside fresh).  The barrier properties are measured by moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR), oxygen transmission rate (OTR), heat resistance, puncture resistance, and tensile strength.

Stand Up Pouches in Various Materials

Certain film combinations in Stand-Up Pouches will exhibit different levels of MVTR and OTR. Aesthetically speaking, Stand-Up Pouches are constructed so that they can stand up when left on their own, once the product is in the bags.  This is due to the bottom gusset which creates a solid base.  The bags store flat for easy storage. In comparison to cardboard boxes, Stand-Up pouches cannot get crushed.  All of these things make Stand-Up pouches excellent for retail applications.

The zip tops on these Stand-Up pouches make them ideal for customers’ convenience to be able to seal and re-seal the bags.  And the tear notch makes the bags very easy to open.  The hang hole allows for the options of the bags to hang, which is ideal for retail display.

  • MVTR – Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate is the measurement of the passage of water vapor through a substance.  Typically, this is measured at 100% relative humidity, and shown through grams/100 square inches/24 hours, (or grams/square meter/24 Hrs.).  This measurement is shown for each Stand-Up Pouch on specific product page.
  • OTR – Oxygen Transmission Rate is the measurement of the passage of oxygen through a substance. Typically, this is measured at 0, 60, or 100% relative humidity, (must be specified because it can vary) and shown through cc./100 square inches/24 hours, (or cc/square meter/24 Hrs.) (cc = cubic centimeters). This measurement is shown for each Stand-Up Pouch on specific product page.

The shelf life of the bags is 5-10 years, when properly stored.  The raw materials used in all of our Stand-Up pouches are approved for use in direct food contact packaging under paragraph 177.1520 of Title 21CFR of the Code of Federal Regulations, with no restrictions. This product complies with California Proposition 65 and all applicable CONEG heavy metal restrictions.

All dimensions are O.D. (outside dimensions) that includes the area above the zipper.

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Features of Four Star’s Stand-Up Pouches:

  • 4 Film Options:
    • Clear Nylon/LLDPE Poly
    • LLDPE/Metallized Silver PET
    • Clear front/Metallized Silver back;
    • White Foil
  • K-Style Design: allows for the pouch to stand sturdily when left on its own
  • Tear Notches:  allow for the pouch to be easily opened
  • Zip Top Closure
  • Bottom Gusset
  • Approved for direct food contact

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Film/Material Definitions:
  • BON - BIAX Nylon – Biaxally Oriented Nylon Film -  Nylon film that has been stretched equally in both machine and transverse directions (done under specific temperatures). Offers good oxygen and aroma barrier properties, along with high tear strength; however, has a poor water vapor barrier.
  • MET – Metallized Film – This polymer film is coated with a thin layer of metal, usually aluminum. It offers comparable barrier properties to that of foil, with less cost and weight
  • MET – PET – Metallized Polyester Film - Metallized PET Film - This combines the properties of Polyester and Metallized film, which improves oxygen and water vapor barrier properties. It is not clear, however.
  • NY – Nylon – A polyamide resin that has a high melting point and temperature resistance. Nylon provides excellent clarity, stiffness, and has good aroma and oxygen barrier properties, but does not offer a good water vapor barrier.
  • PET – Polyester (Polyethylene Terephthalate) -  This clear film has excellent barrier properties, and is tough with a high temperature resistance. It is often combined with other films to improve the heat sealabilty and barrier strength of the material.

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