Drawstring Printed Ice Bags

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Four Star Plastics offers Drawstring Metallocene Ice bags for all your freezer application needs. These heavy-duty bags provide exceptional strength and are made from a production process that yields a special balance of ideal ice bag requirements. These bags come pre-printed and have high impact strength and excel in durability properties.

Metallocene is a compound of positively charged metal ions in the middle of carbon atoms. Metallocene enables the manufacture of resins with extremely untainted, steady properties. By combining different grades of metallocene resins, it allows manufacturers to modify the film properties for accurate performance requirements. Metallocene is basically a type of linear low density polyethylene that is added to ice bags to make the film stronger than traditional low density polyethylene bags.

Our durable ice bags have superior film quality and outstanding impact resistance. These bags have an 8-10 pound capacity and they feature a drawstring closure that makes it easy for sealing and handling. The drawstring functionality also allows for the consumer to be able to conveniently carry the bag without the hassle of carrying the ice cold bag with their hands. All of our bags meet FDA and USDA standards for food contact and are made from virgin resins. These ice bags are made with a tubular construction with a durable bottom seal. Our ice bags retain flexibility at low temperatures and will reduce brittleness even in freezing temperatures.

We have many stock sizes available for you to buy today. If you have any questions about our ice bags, please contact our excellent customer service specialists to help you get the answers you need. If you cannot find a stock size that meets your needs, please contact us today for a quote on Custom Ice Bags or please click on “Request for Quote”.

  •  Meets FDA/USDA requirements for food contact
  •  Drawstring closure for easy hauling and tight closure
  •  Durable and excellent impact strength
  •  2 different stock sizes available
  •  Superior film quality and durable bottom seal
  •  Outstanding impact resistance and superior quality

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