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Four Star Plastics offers gusseted plastic bags for food and other packaging applications. If you need a bag that expands to fit your product, these side gusseted bags are the perfect way to package food items, auto parts, and everything in between. They provide excellent protection for everyday use at a great price.

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Features of Gusseted Poly Bags

  • Made from 100% virgin LDPE (low density polyethylene) resin
  • FDA and USDA certified for food contact
  • Gusseted plastic bags made from virgin LDPE (low density polyethylene) resin
  • Side gussets fold along the sides of the bag to create a square bottom
  • Bottom gusseted wicketed bags are also available
  • Excellent clarity to showcase your products
  • Provides great protection at a great price

Gusseted Plastic Bags for All Your Packaging Needs

Our gusseted plastic bags have expandable sides which fold out to provide a rectangular shape on the bottom. If you need bags on wickets, bottom gusseted wicketed poly bags are also available. The folds at the bottom of the bag allow the opening to expand into a rectangular shape. This provides an appealing look for display packaging.

Four Star Plastics’ gusseted poly bags for food are made from 100% virgin low density polyethylene and are FDA and USDA certified for food contact. They can be tied closed with simple twist ties or sealed by heat sealers. Our gusseted plastic bags feature tubular construction and a durable bottom seal.

We sell gusset bags wholesale in over 150 sizes, most of which are available to ship within one business day. If you can’t find the right size for your needs, or if you need custom poly gusseted bags, please contact our expert customer service team to discuss your unique requirements.

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