White Foil Stand Up Pouch

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White Foil Stand-Up Pouches are made of are made of 48 ga PET, White 12# PE, 2.85 Foil, and 12# PE 1.5 mil LLDPE.  They are considered the best of barrier products with stronger barrier properties than poly/nylon and MET/PET (comparable to silver metallized).  These white foil pouches have good heat resistance and have better shelf life.  They keep contents fresher longer and are visually appealing.  They do not spring (crease).  White foil Stand-Up pouches are the most expensive of our Stand-Up pouches.  They have no visibility of contents.

All dimensions are O.D. (outside dimensions) that includes the area above the zipper.

Foil - A thin gauge (0.2285-0.325 mils) aluminum foil which is laminated to plastic films in order to provide the highest oxygen, aroma and water vapor barriers. Even though it provides the best barrier material, it is frequently replaced by metallized films due to cost.

Physical Description:

Silver 4mil Laminated PET/Foil/Poly barrier film


PFP400 is a cost-effective foil barrier material used where excellent oxygen and moisture levels are required. It is FDA approved, has a shiny silver appearance and is used extensively in food, medical, and general industry. It is a popular structure due to its good puncture, outstanding barrier, and relatively low cost characteristics.


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