Polypropylene Bags, COEX Gusseted

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Four Star Plastics offers Co-Extruded Polypropylene bags that have an outstanding temperature range that allows these bags to go straight from the freezer to the microwave.

Polypropylene bags are great for showcasing edibles and treats. They are perfect for edibles because they have a great vapor barrier and are a great choice for maintaining freshness in your food products. These polypropylene bags provide superior clarity which boosts product appearance. These polypropylene bags meet FDA/USDA standards for food contact and will give your products a longer shelf life because of its moisture barrier properties.

Co-Extruded polypropylene bags are made in a material that is thinner and stronger than just regular polypropylene. Co-Extruded polypropylene bags are ideal for freezer applications, meaning they will withstand cold temperatures in freezers. Our co-extruded bags allow you to take leftovers or small food portions straight from the freezer to the microwave. These bags also have superior strength in providing resistance to tearing and puncture from food products that have sharp edges. Our coextruded polypropylene bags also have side gussets that expand to help accommodate for bulky items.

You can use heat sealers, twist ties, or tape when providing closure for these bags. If you have any questions about our coextruded polypropylene bags, please contact our excellent customer service specialists to get the answers you need. We have 12 stock sizes that have side gussets and 8 sizes available with a bottom gusset so please contact us about getting you Co-Extruded polypropylene bags today!

  •  Meets FDA and USDA requirements for food contact
  •  Excellent clarity for product presentation
  •  Resistant to tearing and punctures due to its superior strength
  •  Available in both side gusset and bottom gusset
  •  These bags are flexible, clear, strong, and freezable
  •  Boosts product appearance due to its high clarity

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