Tape-Box Sealing: Clear or Printed

Four Star Plastics offers Box Sealing Tape to help secure all your boxes, mailers, and bags. Our box sealing tape will keep your packages closed and secure during transport. Whether you are preparing products for transport or securing stretch wrap or bags to pallets, our sealing tape can help secure all of your situations. Our sealing tape comes in multiple packs for easy storage. Our Bag Sealing Tape comes in a variety of different colors and come in multiple packs of 12 rolls. Our Box Sealing Tape is available in a clear or tan color and come packed in cases of either 24 or 36 rolls depending on the tape size. If you have any questions about our sealing tape, please contact our excellent customer service representatives.

  •  Secures your boxes and mailers during transport
  •  Conveniently placed in multipacks
  •  Available in in different colors

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