Poly Shrink Bundling Film

  • Wholesale Shrink Bundling Film

Four Star Plastics offers wholesale shrink bundling film for all your packaging and bundling needs. Use this poly shrink film to secure heavy, irregularly shaped packages.

Our wholesale shrink bundling film is made of a 3-layer polyethylene (PE) blend for use with automated packaging equipment with integral heat tunnels for a bull’s-eye closure. It provides good tear resistance and is designed to protect your products while still allowing customers to see what is inside the film. Our shrink bundling film is engineered to provide superior clarity, tensile strength, and puncture resistance for bundling applications. This film demonstrates consistent shrink performance of 60-80% and 0-20% (TD).




Poly Shrink Bundling Film for All Packaging Applications

Four Star Plastics’ wholesale shrink bundling film provides a convenient way to package and transport heavy items, such as cases of soda, water, cleaning supplies, and any other items that need to be bundled. Shrink bundling film is used all around the world and can be found on items packaged at grocery or wholesale outlets.

Our shrink bundling rolls are neatly wound flat onto a 3” core and can be used with a shrink wrap heat gun. The heat produces tightly shrink-wrapped packages. Another option is to use a shrink tunnel to package your items at a high speed.

We have 5 stock sizes of wholesale shrink bundling film available in 2 mil on rolls of 4200’ each. If you cannot find a stock size that meets your needs, please request a quote or contact us to discuss your custom shrink film needs.

Features of Wholesale Poly Shrink Bundling Film

  • Bundle heavy, irregular shaped packages
  • Examples include, water bottles, cleaning supplies, and more
  • Superior clarity so you can see through the film
  • Good tear and puncture resistance
  • Can be sealed with a heat gun or a shrink tunnel
  • 5 sizes of shrink film available

Request a quote on wholesale shrink bundling film, or contact Four Star Plastics for more information.

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