Biohazard Bags

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Wholesale Biohazard Bags | Biohazard Waste Disposal Bags

Four Star Plastics offers a variety of specialized plastic bags for all biohazard waste disposal needs. From infectious waste bags to biohazard specimen bags to chemotherapy drug transport bags, we have the biohazard disposal bags for your needs.

Features of Bio-hazard Plastic Bags

  • Infectious waste bags, biohazard specimen bags & chemotherapy drug transport bags
  • Quality bags for everyday use in the medical & healthcare industry
  • Numerous stock sizes available
  • Samples available upon request
  • All labeled with warnings on the bag

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Wholesale Biohazard Waste Bags for All Applications

Four Star Plastics’ wholesale biohazard specimen zip top bags will clearly identify their potentially dangerous contents. These biohazard bags have an outer pouch to keep the contents inside dry and separate to ensure the safety of all workers. The biohazard sign is boldly printed in red and also includes check marks that help you identity any information regarding the specimen.

We also offer wholesale chemotherapy drug transport bags that provide a safe way to move and store chemotherapy drugs. These bags also include an outer pouch and are clearly labeled and printed with a chemotherapy symbol for easy identification.

Four Star Plastics also offers wholesale infectious waste bags in high or linear low density material. These bags come in a red color with a biohazard symbol and warnings in English and Spanish. They are made with a star sealed bottom for added strength.

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We can provide biohazard bags in custom sizes, custom gauges, with custom printing, and with various other special features, as your application requires. 

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