Micro-Perf Polypropylene Bags On Wickets

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Micro-perf polypro bags on a wicket are bags that are stacked together for easy dispensing.  They are held together on a thin metal bar (wicket). The wicket dispenser allows bread to be easily packaged and sealed with twist ties or heat.

Four Star Plastics offers micro-perforated (micro-perf) polypropylene (polypro) bags on wickets that are perfect for supermarkets, bakeries, delis, restaurants, institutional kitchens, and anywhere that bread is being baked.


Benefits of Micro-Perforated Polypropylene Bags

Micro-perf wicketed polypro bags help freshly baked crusty breads maintain their freshness.  The micro-perforations throughout the bag help allow the right amount of air to help keep bread crusty, while also allowing small amounts of moisture to escape to help keep bread from getting soggy. 

Micro-perforated bread bags on wickets make a beautiful presentation, allowing the customers to see through the clear packaging. These micro-perf polypro bags also help allow the aroma of fresh-baked breads to fill the store and/or bakery. 

Micro-Perf Wicketed Polypro Bags from Four Star Plastics

Our micro-Perf wicketed polypro bags have 1.5” lip with punch holes that let the wicket go through.  Most micro-perf wicketed polypro bags also feature a cardboard washer or plastic washer to secure the stacked bags to the wicket.  There are either 250 or 50 bags per wicket.

Our clear micro-perf polypro bags on wickets meet FDA and USDA specifications for food contact. 

Features of Microperf Polypro Bags on Wickets:

  • Micro-perforations throughout bag allow right amount of air to help keep crust crisp
  • Bags help allow aroma of fresh baked bread to fill the bakery/store
  • High clarity polypro bags let customers see what’s inside
  • Can be sealed either with heat seal or twist ties
  • FDA and USDA certified for food contact
  • Ideal for packaging baked goods and much more
  • Mounted 250 bags or 50 bags per 5” wire wicket for fast loading

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Four Star Plastics offers an extensive inventory of high quality wholesale micro-perf wicketed polypro bags that are perfect for your baking application. Our bags make the perfect crusty bread bag, providing great display options while keeping freshly baked bread fresh.

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