Bio Hazard Bags

  • Infectious Waste Bags

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities must mark soiled linens and waste to ensure proper handling of contaminated items and OPIM. The bags used for medical waste disposal must adhere to OSHA, and other guidelines for strength and leak resistance.

Select from the following high density or linear low-density waste liners in a variety of in-stock sizes.

  • Red Biohazard Bags, printed “Biohazard” (English/Spanish)

  • Red Waste Bags, unprinted

  • Blue Waste Bags, printed “Soiled Linen” (English/Spanish)

  • Yellow Waste Bags, printed “Infectious Linen” (English/Spanish)

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Infectious Waste Bags

Four Star Plastics offers medical waste bags and soiled linen bags at wholesale prices. Through strict manufacturing requirements, our bio hazard bags are designed to meet the demands of the healthcare market. The star-sealed bottom, along with tear resistance of 480 grams and impact resistance of 165 grams, prevents leaks and contamination.

Our excellent customer service representatives are available to help you get the answers you need. If you cannot find a stock size of the bio hazard bag that meets your requirements or you need a custom print on the biohazard waste bag, please submit a quote request.

Low-Density and High-Density Red Biohazard Bags

Red biohazard bags feature the biohazard symbol and warnings in English and Spanish. Our high-density infectious waste bags have a star sealed bottom for added strength, creating an extra measure of infection control from contaminated contents. Select from three sizes.
Linear low-density bags also feature a star sealed bottom to protect the handler from its contents. These medical infectious waste bags are stronger than their low-density polyethylene counterparts and come in six different sizes.
Medical waste bags, infectious waste bags and soiled linen bags are ideal to use in hospitals, clinics, labs, or any medical facility.
  • Provides a measure of infection protection from contaminated matters
  • Star sealed bottom for added strength
  • Warnings printed in English and Spanish
  • Linear low bag meets federal/state regulations for impact and tear resistance
  • Meets federal and state regulations for tear resistance and impact resistance

We offer competitive pricing on biohazard bags and other medical waste bags. For more information, request a quote, or contact us to discuss customization options!

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