Wave Top Die Cut Handle Take-Out Bags (Plain & Printed)

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Four Star Plastics offers Wave Top Die Cut Handle Take-Out Bags for all your food or other packaging needs. Use these bags to make sure your customers leave with a great impression. These bags are cost-effective and very functional because of its wide opening and ability to load easily. Our take out bags are made from strong and economical High Density material that won’t rip or tear and offers a high degree of leak protection. The deep gussets help the bag to stand without tipping over, which helps to reduce the chance of spilling, and also allows them to be filled quickly.

The wave top design makes a wide design for the loading area near the top. A flat bottom is formed by the bottom gussets and that allows the bag to secure any food in the bag (especially for carryout) and prevents whatever is inside from spilling. The bags have an integrated carry handle made from recycled plastic for your customer’s convenience. These bags are available in a range of sizes to fit standard take out containers and are opaque white with a printed design. The bags are made with a special controlled-life additive that allows them to break down in the presence of sunlight and oxygen.

We have over 10 stock sizes available either printed or unprinted. If none of our stock sizes meets your needs or you need a custom print on the bag, please contact us today for a quote on Custom Wave Top Bag or please click on “Request for Quote”. 

  •  Made from high density polyethylene
  •  Extra strength and leak protection
  •  Wide gussets to allow the bag to stand on its own
  •  Easy to load and unload
  •  Integrated handles for easy carrying
  •  Breaks down in the presence of sunlight and oxygen because of controlled-life additive
*Please note:  Due do the Corona Virus, not all items are in stock at this time.  Please contact us to check stock!

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