Wholesale Vinyl Bags

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Wholesale Vinyl Bags

Four Star Plastics offers Vinyl Bags and Vinyl Pouches for a variety of retail, storage, and other packaging, warehouse, or shipping needs. Our vinyl bags are the best choice for professional retail packaging while securing the contents inside the bag. These vinyl bags offer superior strength and let your customers see exactly what is inside the bag without having to open the bag.

Potential customers can examine labels, check ingredients, and verify products. Because our vinyl bags are as clear as our cellophane bags, its upscale look will attract eyes. Some examples of common items you can put inside the bag include cosmetics, perfumes, bath items, lotions, blankets, and much more. By combining affordability with function and aesthetics, vinyl bags are a great alternative to gift baskets and boxes. Our vinyl bags are durable because they can be reused for other purposes such as travel bags or even storage containers. These bags can hold the weight of bottles and jars, but they are also flexible and lightweight. We have a variety of wholesale vinyl bags for you to buy, such as our Vinyl Accessory Bags, Vinyl Bags with Snap, Vinyl Bags with Zipper, Vinyl Blanket Bags, Vinyl Comforter Bags, Vinyl Cosmetic Bags, and even Vinyl Hemp Bags. We have many stock sizes of wholesale vinyl bags available in different styles.

Versatile Wholesale Vinyl Pouches for Everyday Use

If you have any questions about our vinyl bags, please contact our excellent customer service specialists to help you get the answers you need. We also sell many vinyl pouches to hold: job tickets, hospital/medical information, passports, identification forms, invoice documents, literature, hanging tags, retail price tags, calendars, business cards, instruction manuals, and much more. These pouches can be made open ended, envelope style, with or without adhesive back with zip top closure, or plastic tags. If you cannot find a stock size that meets your needs or you need a custom print on the bag, please contact us today for a quote on Custom Vinyl Bags or please click on “Request for Quote”.

Features of Wholesale Vinyl Bags

  •  Ideal for packaging cosmetics, fragrances, documents, and more.
  •  Clear color lets customers know what is inside
  •  Can be reused as travel bags or storage containers
  •  Durable and flexible to accommodate for bulky items
  •  Many different styles and closures available
  •  Great alternative to boxes and gift baskets

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