Clear Vinyl Bags

Clear vinyl bags are perfect for packaging and shipping, allowing customers to see what’s inside the bag without needing to open it. Whether you’re verifying products or examining labels, clear vinyl pouches provide a unique customer experience. Four Star Plastics provides clear vinyl bags and clear vinyl pouches in bulk for a variety of retail, storage, and other packaging, warehouse, or shipping needs.

A Variety of Vinyl Bags to Choose From 


Wholesale Vinyl Bag Pouches 

We have a variety of stock sizes and styles of wholesale vinyl bags for you to buy. These pouches can be made open-ended, envelope style, with or without adhesive back with zip-top closure, or plastic tags.
Our vinyl bag styles include the following options:

Vinyl Zipper Bags & Pouches

Features of Clear Vinyl Bags & Vinyl Bags With Zippers

Our small vinyl bags are the best choice for professional retail packaging while securing the contents inside the bag. These high-quality bags offer superior strength and let your customers see exactly what is inside the bag without having to open the bag. Buying benefits from us include:
  • Same-day shipping for most stock items.
  • Stringent quality standards
  • Exceptional customer service and support
Because our vinyl bags are as clear as our cellophane bags, their upscale look will attract eyes. These high-performance bags are durable, and they can be reused for other purposes such as travel bags or even storage containers.
  • Bags can hold the weight of bottles and jars, but they are also flexible and lightweight.
  • By combining affordability with function and aesthetics, vinyl bags are a great alternative to gift baskets and boxes.

Benefits of Vinyl Bags

  • Ideal for packaging cosmetics, fragrances, documents, and more
  • Clear color lets customers know what is inside
  • Can be reused as travel bags or storage containers
  • Durable and flexible to accommodate bulky items
  • Different styles and closures available

Custom Vinyl Bags & Pouches

In addition to our stock clear vinyl bag options, we also can manufacture custom clear vinyl bags and pouches. Our customization options include custom gauges, sizes, and printing options available.

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