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Wicketed polypro bags are stacked plastic bags that are held together on a wicket (thin metal bar). The wicket makes it quick and easy to dispense bags and package a variety of items. As FDA and USDA certified bags, stacked wicketed polypropylene bags are perfect for food and non-food items.

Four Star Plastics offers wholesale wicketed polypropylene bags for all your food and non-food packaging needs.


Benefits of Wicketed Polypropylene Bags

Polypropylene bags help prevent moisture and vapors from entering the bags. They are a great solution for preserving the freshness of your products. Polypropylene bags are a protective barrier that will help extend the shelf life of your food products. 

Stacked wicketed polypropylene bags can be closed in 2 ways: tied with twist ties or sealed with a heat sealer.  Sealing the bags preserves packaged food items and can delay dehydration and help maintain freshness for all of your products. 

Wicketed polypro bags also have better clarity than polyethylene bags; Polypropylene differs from polyethylene as polypropylene is crystal clear. Because of this higher clarity, they are excellent for both food and non-food items.

Stacked Wicketed Polypropylene Bags from Four Star Plastics

We stock wicketed polypro bags in various sizes and styles for a multitude of applications. Our clear wicketed polypro bags meet FDA and USDA specifications for food contact.  They are packaged with 250 bags or 50 bags per 5” wicket.

Wicketed polypro bags feature a 1.5” lip with punched holes that allow the wicket to pass through; most wicketed bags also feature plastic or cardboard washers that secure the stacked bags to the wicket.

Features of Four Star’s Wicketed Bags

  • FDA and USDA certified for food contact
  • Mounted on 5” wicket for easy dispensing
  • Ideal for packaging baked goods and much more
  • High clarity polypro bags let customers see what’s inside
  • Mounted 250 bags or 50 bags per 5” heavy wire wicket for fast loading

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Four Star Plastics provides a wide variety of wholesale wicketed polypro bags to meet your application needs. Request a quote on wholesale plastic wicketed bags, or contact Four Star Plastics to learn more.

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