Plastic Bag Sealing Machines & Equipment

Four Star Plastics offers Heat Sealing Equipment to provide functional and quality seals for all your products. From Hand Crimper Sealers, Heat Guns, Heating Elements, to Impulse Heat Sealers, we have all the tools you need to seal your packages.


High Quality Commercial & Industrial Heat Sealers 

By applying heat to your poly film or bags using our products, you’ll be able to create tight seal for your products. For example, you can use our heat gun to create that airtight seal for your shrink wrap products that you can find here on our website. We also have impulse heat sealers which will help you create a seal to seal your poly products. You can use the heat sealer on polyethylene bags, as well as, polypropylene products.

Our hand operated impulse heat sealers can provide a watertight and airtight seal instantly and is available in a variety of different sizes to match the size of your products. We have well over 10 different products of heat sealing equipment to choose from. In addition to our heat guns and heating elements, we also sell hand crimper sealers to properly heat seal cellophane bags. Hand crimper sealers have an on/off safety switch and a temperature control for your preference.

Our sealers are appropriate for use in a vast array of other applications such as the food industry, the medical fields, and industrial companies. Because they provide a great resource for packaging, our heat sealers can be used anywhere for any purpose when working with soft plastics. Here at Four Star Plastics, we will help you find what kind of heat sealer you need for your products with our excellent customer service representatives.

  •  Variety of equipment available to make quality seals
  •  Make a watertight and airtight seal with our heat sealers
  •  Use our heat gun to create an airtight seal for shrink wrap products
  •  Heat sealers can be used on polypropylene
  •  Cellophane can be sealed with the hand crimper sealers
  •  Appropriate in many applications such as medical/industrial fields

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