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Four Star Plastics offers Bag Sealing Tape for a quick and easy way to seal poly bags. Our bag sealing tape is 3/8” wide and works well with small and medium-sized poly or cellophane bags. We have a variety of different colors to choose from such as red, blue, or green.

Choose from different colors for coding parts and other products that might need labeling. To use this properly on poly or cellophane bags, you will have to wrap the tape around the neck of the bag to appropriately seal the contents inside the bag. This sealing tape is fast and easy to use because one motion wraps the tape around the neck of the bag. The tape will stick to itself. Our tape is built with a strong adhesive seal which makes it ideal for any job that requires the bag to be sealed. Our bag sealing tape is versatile because it can be used for both poly and cello bags. Our bag sealing tape can be dispensed by hand or with a metal tape dispenser made from a strong metal frame. The metal tape dispenser’s heavy-duty construction with nonslip rubber feet ensures stability on table or workbench.  It also comes with a built-in trimmer that can cut tape and can seal bags to size.

Like most other bag closures, our bag sealing tape can be used for many different types of polyethylene bags. For example, you can use this tape for Bread Bags, Produce Bags, Ice Bags, and much more. Our bag sealing tape is measured at 540 feet per roll and allows up to 1,500 seals. If you have any questions about our bag sealing tape and dispensers, please contact our excellent customer service representatives.

  •  3/8” wide and works well on poly/cellophane bags
  •  Available in red, white, blue, or green
  •  Built with a durable adhesive seal
  •  Comes with a metal tape dispenser
  •  Dispenser comes with a built in trimmer
  •  Tape works well with bread bags, ice bags, and more

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