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Four Star Plastics offers Impulse Heat Sealers to provide an easy and convenient way to heat seal polyethylene and polypropylene film and bags. Our impulse heat sealers are designed to be used continuously when sealing thermoplastic films. All you have to do is place the poly bag or film between the seal bars, press down softly and release to have the bag sealed. These are economical to run because it only uses electricity when the bar is down and no warmup time is needed for the sealer.

These impulse heat sealers are available in many different sizes and can seal bags up to 6 mils thick (12 mils total). They also feature a set timer for bag thickness and the timing light tells you when the tight seal is completed. It creates perfect seals for bags with different gauges because of its adjustable timer. Our heat sealers work for most polyethylene applications in many settings. For example, it is perfect for sealing bags to protect your products in almost every industry. These sealers also feature a sealing arm that moves smoothly and easily.

All of our sealers will give you a 1/16” wide seal and we have many replacement parts available for you to buy in case something breaks. We have Heating Elements and Teflon® Tape for those replacement parts as needed. There is a growing demand for our impulse heat sealers because of its low energy costs and consistent reliability. To get your impulse heat sealer, please contact us today to get yours as soon as possible.

  •  Easy way to heat seal polyethylene or polypropylene bags
  •  Requires no warm up to use
  •  Uses electricity only when bar is pushed down
  •  Timing light tells you when tight seal is done
  •  These sealers will give you a 1/16” wide seal
  •  The sealing arm works easily and smoothly

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