Custom Poly Film & Sheeting

Poly sheeting is a versatile and general-purpose poly film ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. It is typically made with low density polyethylene (LDPE) and is a flexible, yet durable packaging solution that helps form a protective barrier against the elements as well as moisture, dust, debris, and chemicals.

Custom poly film can be transformed into bags, used as shipping and packaging material, or used as a protective barrier, and custom poly shrink bundling film is useful for applications involving large or bulky items. Poly sheeting is used for industrial and manufacturing applications and is utilized by industries including construction, food service, pharmaceutical, and more. Contact us for more information regarding our custom poly film and sheeting, or request a quote today.

Custom Plastic Sheeting Applications

Custom poly sheeting is an economical alternative to expensive drop cloths that provides protection from moisture, dirt, and dust
Poly sheeting is used by numerous industries for a wide range of applications, including:
  • Protect work areas from dust and debris
  • Control moisture and prevent condensation by being used as a vapor barrier
  • Cover large warehouse and construction equipment
  • Create an air-tight seal around products and materials
  • Create a visual barrier or conceal products (black and darker colors only)
  • Protect products during the shipping process 

Custom Poly Film and Plastic Sheeting for Your Needs

Four Star Plastics is your best source for wholesale custom poly products, including poly bags, poly film, and poly sheeting for all your packaging and shipping needs. Our custom poly film and sheeting are typically wound on continuous rolls for ease of use and can be used for packaging or bundling.
We'll work with you to create custom poly film or poly sheeting to fit your application needs. Custom poly sheeting is available printed or unprinted, and in options for centerfold, single wound, double wound or center-slit sheeting. Our custom poly film offerings include:Visit our poly shrink bundling film page for bundling applications such as packaging water bottles or other heavy objects.

Available Custom Polyethylene Sheeting Colors and Styles

Custom poly sheeting In addition to stock color options such as clear, black, and natural, we have several custom film colors and print colors for your film and sheeting. Depending on your application, we can create custom poly film in the following styles:
  • Single wound poly sheeting is wound in a single layer; used for machine-fed packaging applications
  • Double wound poly sheeting featuring slits on either side and wound in a double layer; used for machine-fed packaging applications
  • Centerfold poly sheeting folded in the center, then wound on a roll; used for many industrial applications
  • Center-slit poly sheeting has gusseted sides and a slit down the middle of one layer, allowing it to be unfolded into a large, flat sheet; ideal for applications involving large, bulky or oddly-shaped items 

Optional Custom Poly Film Performance Additives

Our custom poly film and sheeting can also be customized with performance additives to fit your needs. Available options include:
  • VCI to inhibit corrosion
  • UVI to protect products from the sun
  • High slip to reduce surface resistance, and more!
If you need a custom gauge, custom print, custom size, performance additive, or any other custom feature on our film and sheeting, please contact us today to get a custom poly film and sheeting quote.

Learn More About Custom Poly Film and Plastic Sheeting Options

If you have any questions about our custom poly film and poly sheeting, please contact our customer service specialists to get the answers you need. For more information, request a quote, or contact us today.

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