Custom Cleanroom Film and Tubing

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Custom cleanroom poly tubing is great for storing and packaging sensitive electronics and medical devices for applications in the aerospace, semiconductor, medial, and related industries. Cleanroom plastic sheeting provides a protective barrier against moisture and can also be made puncture resistant to help protect products. For packaging and bagging, custom cleanroom film is cut to custom lengths and then sealed using a bag sealer. 

Cleanroom protective plastic sheeting differs from standard poly sheeintg in that it is manufactred and packaged in a certified cleanroom. It is made from materials that meet FDA standards, making it suitable for electronics, medical, pharmaceutical, food, service, and other industries that require a controlled environment that is free of dust and other contaminants. 

Custom Cleanroom Plastic Sheeting Features:

  • Protects product from contamination
  • ISO compliant
  • Meets cleanliness level 100 requirements
  • Available in widths from 2" to 80" lay flat
  • Supplied in various lengths

Your Best Source for In Stock Custom Cleanroom Poly Tubing 

Four Star Plastics is your best source for certified custom cleanroom products in low density or high-density polyethylene. Our use of specially blended materials and a designed manufacturing process allows us to provide custom products meeting or exceeding the requirements of Cleanliness Level 50 per IEST-STD-CC1246D. 

Due to our varied factory capabilities, collaboration with resin manufacturers, and our extensive experience, Four Star Plastics can custom design a material or develop a custom blend of materials to fit most custom cleanroom film specifications. 

Our strict quality assurance prodecures ensure that our cleanroom plastic sheeting and cleanroom bags are made without ever leaving the cleanroom environment. Our process begins with certified virgin raw materials and ends witha finished, certified cleanroom product that can be manufactured in custom colors to fit your needs.

Custom Cleanroom Plastic Sheeting Capabilities

We offer custom poly clean room film and poly tubing to store and package a range of materials that require pure, unadulterated packaging solutions. Our custom cleanroom film is a good general-purpose film that provides good cleanliness and exceptional value. 

All custom cleanroom film and cleanroom poly tubing is:

  • Manufactured in a certified class 100 clean room
  • Producted from barefoot resin that meets FDA standards
  • Wound on plastic cores and are double-bagged for added protection 
  • Manufactured within a controlled cleanroom environment to maintain a greater level of cleanliness
Four Star Plastics can make a custom clean room tubing in widths ranging from 2" to 80" lay flat and 2" long to almost any required length and is typically supplied in 500-foot lengths, unless specified otherwise. Our custom cleanroom sheeting products meet the requirements of cleanliness level 100 and are ISO 9001:2008 compliant. 

If you are looking to get a custom gauge, custom size, or any other custom feature such as hole punching or perforations on our cleanroom tubing or film, please contact us today to get a custom poly clean room quote

Cleanroom Poly Tubing for Medical Environments

Due to the nature of the cleanroom, the level of cleanliness is dependent upton contamination at an airborne particle level. Cleanrooms must follow stringent cleanliness and quality control guidelines, which means cleanroom film and tubing must adhere to these guidelines as well. Contaminant-free poly tubing offers you the protective barrier you need when cleanliness is a must. 

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If you have any questions about our custom poly clean room film or tubing, please request a quote or contact our excellent customer service specialists to get the answers you need. 

For cleanroom bags, see our custom cleanroom bags page for more information. 

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