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Four Star Plastics is your best source for wholesale custom plastic products, including poly bags, poly film, and poly sheeting. Four Star Plastics offers custom poly film and sheeting for a wide range of applications.

Poly film is used to make various packaging products including poly bags and sheeting.  Four Star Plastics can make custom poly film to fit the needs of many industries, from medical to agricultural. Poly sheeting is a versatile plastic film that is ideal for a range of applications, for both indoor and outdoor use. We can make poly sheeting for construction, agriculture, pallet covering, and more! We can also make custom converter grade poly bag film based on your specifications. Whether you need pallet top sheeting, converter grade bag film, packaging film, or most anything in between, Four Star Plastics can make the custom poly film or sheeting for you!

We can make the poly sheeting in the size and thickness you need for your application. For more information or to discuss your custom specifications, Contact Us or request a quote now!

Custom Plastic Sheeting

Four Star Plastics makes custom poly sheeting to your specifications at wholesale prices. Whether you need a custom size or thickness, color, print, or film additive, we can make the sheeting for you. Depending on your application, we can make poly sheeting in single wound, double wound, centerfold, and centerslit configurations.

Our custom poly film and sheeting can be customized with performance additives to fit your needs. We can add VCI to inhibit corrosion, UVI to protect products from the suns’ rays, high slip to reduce surface resistance, and more! We can make poly film and sheeting in custom sizes, thickness, colors, and with options for other custom features.

If you are looking to get a custom gauge, custom print, custom size, performance additive, or any other custom feature on our poly sheeting, please contact us today or request a quote now!

Our poly sheeting can be used for packaging or bundling as well. See poly shrink bundling film for bundling applications such as packaging water bottles or other heavy objects. Poly Sheeting

Custom Poly Sheeting Features

  • Poly sheeting is ideal for construction, agriculture, packaging, and more
  • Custom poly sheeting printed or unprinted
  • Performance additives available for specialized applications
  • Converter Grade poly film for poly bags
  • Custom sheeting available in many configurations

If you have any questions about our custom poly sheeting, please contact our customer service specialists to get the answers you need. If you are looking for a standard size Poly Sheeting, visit our wholesale pages to check the stock sizes offered. If you still have questions, feel free to contact our excellent customer service specialists.

For more information, request a quote, or contact us today!


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