Custom Vacuum Seal Bags

Four Star Plastics’ custom vacuum seal bags are ideal for all food service packaging applications. They are FDA- and USDA-approved for food contact, and are freezable, boilable, and effective for “bone in” packaging.

With excellent moisture and oxygen transmission characteristics, these food grade vacuum seal bags will help extend the shelf life of your products. They’re non-channeled and provide the highest level of clarity, flexibility, and impact resistance. Our wholesale vacuum sealer bags are manufactured from top quality laminated poly nylon materials.

Wholesale Vacuum Sealer Bags Tailored to Your Needs

Made from a special nine-layer mixture of polyethylene and nylon resins, our vacuum sealer bags provide superior barrier protection and help keep moisture away from your products. These durable bags transmit moisture at a rate of less than 5g/m2, and transmit moisture at a rate of less than 45c/m2.

Our vacuum seal bags can be safely boiled for up to 40 minutes, and provide effective protect for a variety of food items, including cold cuts, chicken, fish, and cheeses. Heat sealing is recommended to provide the most reliable seal.

Four Star Plastics offers wholesale vacuum sealer bags in custom gauges and sizes, with custom printing (as needed), and with a range of other features that can be tailored to your unique needs. Contact us to discuss your custom requirements.

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If you need standard size vacuum sealer bags, view our available inventory to see if we have the right size in stock. Over 30 different standard sizes are available; most are manufactured in 3 mil thickness.

Features of Our Custom Vacuum Seal Bags

  • FDA- & USDA-approved for food contact
  • Outstanding moisture & oxygen transmission rates
  • Available with or without custom printing
  • Can be boiled or frozen, and work well for “bone in” applications
  • Manufactured from a special 9-layer mixture of polyethylene & nylon resins
  • Provide very high clarity, impact resistance & flexibility

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