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Four Star Plastics manufactures custom poly header bags for many applications. Made from LDPE (low density polyethylene), our custom header bags are the perfect solution for packaging your products quickly and easily. As the name suggests, they’re packaged on headers with perforations for easy tear-off. Designed to be used with stands, custom tables, wall mounts, or simply by hand, our custom header bags are easy to fill, for almost any packaging need.

The Perfect Custom Plastic Header Bags for Your Needs

Our wholesale custom header bags are extremely versatile. They’re manufactured from virgin low density film, and are FDA- and USDA-approved for food contact. Whether you’re packing toys, car parts, or anything in between, we can provide the perfect custom bags for your unique packaging requirements.

These bags are side sealed and can be packed in any quantity. In most cases, our custom plastic header bags are stapled to a chipboard or cardboard header with a perforated lip that makes it easy to fill and remove (or remove and fill) the bags one at a time, as needed; headers may have punched holes that allow for easy mounting on work stations. Custom variations of these features are available upon request.

Four Star Plastics can provide custom gauges, custom sizes, custom printing, and a range of other custom features to give you header bags that are just right for your application. Request a quote on wholesale custom poly header bags, or contact us for more information.

If you need standard size header bags, we offer a huge selection of stock sizes. Check our inventory to see if we have the right size for your needs.

Features of Our Custom Header Bags

  • Custom printing available
  • FDA/USDA approved for food service applications
  • Packaged on headers with perforations for fast & easy dispensing
  • Designed for use with stands, wall mounts, custom tables, or by hand
  • Side sealed
  • Packaged in most any quantity
  • Headers can have holes punched at the top for easy mounting

Custom Bags with Logo, Branding, or Messaging for Any Industry

At Four Star Plastics, we can create custom bags with logo or other branded messaging for nearly any type of industry. With thousands of different styles of plastic bags, tubing and sheeting, and over 14 stock film colors, we can print custom plastic bags with logo, design, or any messaging to suit your industry or brand needs. We can use any combination of the thousands of Pantone colors to print your logo on your custom bags. With 16 warehouses located across the US, and over 35 years in the business, you can count on the speed, quality and experience of Four Star Plastics for all your custom plastic bag orders.

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