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Four Star Plastics is a leading manufacturer of custom printed drawstring bags. We manufacture custom drawstring plastic bags that are safe and secure that can be fully customized with your company’s logo embedded directly on the bag.

Custom Printed Drawstring Bag Applications

Our customizable drawstring bags are easy to open and are an economical substitute to cloth drawstring bags. Four Star Plastic’s custom drawstring plastic bags are the perfect option when providing your customers with a bag to carry their purchased items. Custom printed drawstring bags also provide quality advertisement opportunities when your company’s logo is printed directly on the bag. Our custom drawstring plastic bags can be used for a wide variety of items, some of which include:

  • Parts
  • Personal belongings
  • Manuals
  • Products
  • And many more

Additionally, Four Star Plastic’s custom printed drawstring feature makes it easy to tie or hang the bags onto machinery or equipment. The poly drawstring functionality of the bag provides a secure closure and a convenient means of hanging the bag, and it also allows the user to open and close the bag with ease. Our custom drawstring bags tight sealing capabilities are ideal for smaller items that tend to fall out of bags that do not fully seal.

Easy-To-Use Custom Drawstring Bags

Four Star Plastic’s custom drawstring plastic bags are simple to use; just pull the strings at the top and the bag will close. Our custom drawstring bags are available clear, or colored, with multiple custom print options available for all our custom drawstring bags. Four Star Plastic’s fully customizable plastic bags are an excellent way to store multiple items, while displaying your company’s logo. In addition, our custom drawstring bags meet FDA requirements for use in food applications. We also offer custom drawstring bags containing recycled materials.

If you are looking for a fully customizable drawstring bag for your company needs, please contact us today for a quote on our wholesale custom drawstring plastic bags.

Customizable Drawstring Bag Features

Our custom printed drawstring bags have a variety of unique features, some of which include:

  • Available printed or unprinted
  • Easy to open and an economical substitute to cloth drawstring bags
  • Delivers a secure closure and easy to hang onto machinery or equipment
  • Ideal for tight seals to make sure none of the contents fall out
  • Meets FDA requirements for use in food applications
  • Drawstring functionality delivers a secure closure

Custom Bags with Logo, Branding, or Messaging for Any Industry

At Four Star Plastics, we can create custom bags with logo or other branded messaging for nearly any type of industry. With thousands of different styles of plastic bags, tubing and sheeting, and over 14 stock film colors, we can print custom plastic bags with logo, design, or any messaging to suit your industry or brand needs. We can use any combination of the thousands of Pantone colors to print your logo on your custom bags. With 16 warehouses located across the US, and over 35 years in the business, you can count on the speed, quality and experience of Four Star Plastics for all your custom plastic bag orders.

Learn More About our Custom Drawstring Bags

If you have questions regarding our custom drawstring bags, please contact our excellent customer service specialists to receive the answers you need. If you are looking for a standard size Drawstring Bag or Plastic Drawstring/Poly Drawtape Bag, please check the selection of stock sizes we offer to see if we have the right size for you.

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