Custom Anti-Static Poly Bag Tubing

  • Anti Static Poly Tubing
Static electricity can destroy electronic devices, but custom anti-static plastic bag tubing provides an excellent solution. They are designed to protect electronics from electrostatic discharge (ESD) during storage or transportation.
Available as poly bag tubing, the material can be cut to varying lengths to accommodate different products. Poly bag tubing is ideal for packaging objects of varying lengths, as well as long or oddly shaped objects that do not conform to a traditional bag.

Four Star Plastics is the best source for custom static control plastic products, including poly bags, poly film, and poly sheeting. We can make custom pink or clear anti-static flat poly bag tubing to provide protection for sensitive electronic devices from ESD.

Custom Anti-Static Poly Bag Tubing for a Variety of Applications

Because static electricity is harmful and dangerous to electronics, custom anti-static poly bag tubing provides an ideal solution. Whether you’re transporting or storing electronics, anti-static bags are a great packaging material.
Our custom pink or clear anti-static poly bag tubing is manufactured with 100% renewable energy. Some examples of things you can store inside these custom poly anti-static bags include electrical components, clothing, and more.
Anti-static poly bags are often used for storing or transporting:
  • Hard drives
  • RAM chips
  • Motherboards
  • Sound cards
  • Machine components

Custom Anti-Static Plastic Bag Features

The pink or clear anti-static material contains additives that effectively eliminate the hazard of static damage during packaging, storing, and shipping. This custom anti-static poly tubing can be heat sealed, taped shut, or tied depending on how you want the closure.
Because custom anti-static clear or pink poly bag tubing is slightly transparent, you can identify what is inside while being protected from static. This custom anti-static tubing is also amine-free, so it won’t damage sensitive polycarbonate boards.
Other features of anti-static packaging include:
  • Custom Anti-Static Poly Bag Tubing in custom size, thickness, printed or unprinted
  • Semi-transparent pink or clear material
  • Helps protect sensitive electronics from static damage
  • Amine-free anti-static material is safe for polycarbonate boards
  • Made with renewable energy

Looking for Custom Anti-Static Bags Wholesale? Look No Further!

Our pink anti-static material is an excellent choice when static control is necessary, but Faraday Cage Protection is not required. The pink color works as an indicator for users that the bags are designed to reduce static. We can also make pink anti-static reclosable bags and pink anti-static flat bags.
If you have any questions about our custom wholesale custom anti-static bags, please contact our excellent customer service specialists to help get the answers you need.

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