Asbestos Disposal Bags

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Our asbestos bags come available in clear and black and are available in a variety of different sizes. Our asbestos disposal bags can come printed or non-printed and are made with industrial weight polyethylene material. According to regulations set by OSHA, you must put asbestos materials into the asbestos disposal bags while it is still moist and the bags should not be heavier than thirty to fifty pounds. These bags are designed to provide exceptional seal strength. These bags meet the rigorous demands of asbestos removal requirements and are tear and puncture resistant.

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Certified Asbestos Removal Bags

Four Star Plastics offers Asbestos Disposal Bags to help you safely remove and dispose asbestos from your home or business. OSHA’s (Occupational Safe and Health Administration) safety standards have to be met and proper asbestos disposal bags are needed in order to meet those standards.

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Features of Plastic Asbestos Trash Bags

  •  Securely remove and dispose of asbestos from your home or business
  •  Meets standards for proper asbestos removal
  •  Available in different sizes to meet your needs
  •  Asbestos must be damp when put into the bags
  •  Designed to provide exceptional seal strength
  •  Tear and puncture resilient

If you have any questions about the rules of proper disposal of asbestos, we advise you to check local rules in your area for proper disposal regulations. Certain areas require that you double bag your asbestos waste using the asbestos removal bags and sealing each every one of them with duct tape. Asbestos, even if properly labeled, should never be disposed of into trash bins. Please double check to see where you can dispose your asbestos, preparing all the paperwork needed to properly dispose of your asbestos removal bags.

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