Unprinted Ice Bags

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Four Star Plastics offers unprinted ice bags for all freezer applications. Our ice bags are manufactured in a tubular configuration with robust bottom seals for maximum strength.

Wholesale Clear Unprinted Ice Bags

Four Star Plastics’ unprinted ice bags include metallocene, a compound composed of positively charged metal ions sandwich between carbon atoms. By combining different grades of metallocene resins, manufacturers can modify the film’s properties to provide better performance characteristics. Metallocene is a linear low density polyethylene that is added to make plastic bags far stronger than traditional low density polyethylene bags.

Our production process produces unprinted ice bags with a unique balance of ideal ice bag features. These bags offer high impact strength, low haze with high gloss and clarity, and superior durability. They retain flexibility at low temperatures, reducing the brittleness of the bag at ice temperatures. Gusseted unprinted ice bags are available, offering easy expansion for quick packaging or bulky items.

These bags meet FDA/USDA specifications for food contact and are available in a variety of standard ice bag sizes.

Pre-printed ice bags are also available.

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Custom Unprinted Ice Bags

If none of our stock sizes are right for your application, Four Star Plastics can provide unprinted ice bags in custom sizes to meet your needs. Contact us to discuss your custom requirements.

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