Polypropylene Bags

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Flat Polypropylene Bags | Wholesale Lay Flat Polypropylene Bags | Four Star Plastics

Four Star Plastics offers lay flat polypropylene bags that provide excellent clarity for presenting food items such as candy and nuts, as well as non-food products. The durability and clarity of our wholesale polypropylene bags makes them a great option for almost any product you’re packaging, storing, or displaying.

Top Quality Polypropylene Bags

  • Meet FDA & USDA requirements for food contact
  • Bags offer exceptional clarity to provide a better appearance for packaged products
  • Prevents vapor & moisture from getting into the bag, which extends shelf life
  • Available in many stock sizes & styles
  • 1.5 mil thickness is standard
  • Recyclable

Wholesale Polypropylene Bags

By preventing moisture and vapors from entering, polypropylene bags are a great solution for preserving the freshness of your products. This protective barrier will help extend the shelf life of your food products. Our clear polypropylene bags meet the FDA and USDA guidelines for food contact.

Use these bags to showcase edibles and treats in restaurants, farmers markets, bakeries, and retail stores. Polypropylene bags offer high clarity and are more flexible than cellophane bags.

For closure, our polypropylene bags can be sealed with a heat sealer or tied with twist ties to preserve packaged food items by delaying dehydration and maintain freshness for all your products. Our polypropylene bags are also excellent for non-food items because of their clarity; clear polypropylene bags provide higher clarity than clear polyethylene bags.

We stock lay flat polypropylene bags in over 10 standard sizes; 1.5 mil thickness is standard for all sizes. We also offer gusseted polypropylene bags, wicketed polypropyelene bags, and microperferated polypropylene bags.

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