Self-Sealing Plastic Bags

Four Star Plastics offers lip and tape bags that feature peel-off adhesives strips for fast and easy sealing. Our lip and tape bags provide excellent strength and reliable product protection, with high clarity for outstanding product presentation.
The lip and tape mechanism on these self-sealing bags provides secure closure. Select styles can be opened and resealed several times with no loss of strength to the seal.  

Lip and Tape Poly Bags

Self-sealing lip and tape bags from Four Star Plastics are ideal for a range of applications, such as restaurants, cafeterias, and other eateries for packaged sandwiches, wraps, cookies, brownies and more. These bags are particularly well suited for pre-packaging sandwich type items because they load very quickly and seal easily and securely. Our self-sealing lip and tape bags are also great for non-food products.
Our clear and crisp lip and tape bags will make your product look its best. They are highly durable and don’t rip easily, so you can pack or store food items or other products easily and hygienically.

Self-Sealing Poly Bags

Our lip and tape bags are available in both polyethylene and polypropylene. Polypropylene (polypro) material is similar to cellophane (or “cello bags”), with similar mechanical properties. Our polypro lip and tape bags can be used for virtually all the same applications as cello bags.
Polypropylene lip and tape bags are a great choice for preserving the freshness of your products and, thanks to their clarity, are also perfect for non-food items. Polypropylene bags also provide higher clarity than regular polyethylene lip and tape bags.

The Right Self Adhesive Seal Plastic Bags for Your Needs

Our inventory of lip and tape bags includes numerous stock sizes and a variety of gauges, making it easy to find the right option for your application. However, if you don’t see the size you need in stock, please contact us for assistance or request a quote on custom self-sealing bags that match your specifications.
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Features & Benefits of Four Star’s Lip & Tape Bags

  • All bags meet FDA/USDA specifications
  • Feature peel-off adhesive strips for secure closure
  • Numerous stock sizes available, as well as custom sizes
  • Great way to package sandwiches, wraps, and numerous non-food items
  • On select styles, tape can be resealed a number of times without losing strength
  • Available in both polypropylene and polyethylene materials
  • Loads quickly, seals easily and securely
  • Some available with suffocation warning

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