Door Hanger Bags

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Four Star Plastics offers Door Knob/Hanger Bags to help you deliver your flyers, advertisements, or newspapers intact without exposing them to outside moisture. Our door knob bag sleeves will help you deliver whatever you need to deliver in a quick and efficient manner.

Clear Plastic Door Hanger Bags

These bags come with a door knob hole which makes it useful for hanging newspapers or magazines on the door. Some of our door knob bags are printed with a suffocation warning and are packed 2,000 per case with 100 bags per header. Our door hanger bags are available in various sizes of either High Density or Low Density polyethylene. They also come perforated for easy tear off and have a 1 3/4” hang hole that fits most standard doorknobs.


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If you have any questions about our plastic door hanger bags, please contact our excellent customer service representatives to get the answers you need. If you find that our stock sizes do not meet your needs or you need printing on the bags, please contact us today for a quote on Custom Door Hanger Bags or please click on “Request for Quote”.

  •  Some printed with a suffocation warning
  •  Comes packed 2,000 per case
  •  100 bags per header
  •  Perfect for hanging flyers, newspapers, or magazines to the door
  •  Hang hole fits most standard doorknobs
  •  Protects advertisements from moisture

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